Free shipping 1 Piece 8 Colors Artificial Fishing Lure Fake Bait with Hooks 3D Fish Eye High Fishing Lures for Sea Fishing

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Brand Name: XC LOHAS
Position: Ocean Boat Fishing,Ocean Beach Fishing,Ocean Rock Fshing
Model Number: artificial lure
Type: Artificial Bait
Category: Lure
Item: 8 Colors Artificial fishing lure / Fake Bait with 3D Hooks * 2
Material: Strong Hard Plastic
Working Craft: High Simulation Painting
Feature: Vivid Looking, High Strength
Size: 5 cm Approximately
Fit for: Sea Fishing, including Boat fishing, Rock Fishing, Ice fishing
Weight: 3.6g
Disclaimer Clause:: IF the Color You Buy is Out, You Agree to Receive a Different Color.

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